About – Long Version

Ok, you asked for it…

I build communities through my joys and passions for running, yoga, fitness, and people. I was never a runner growing up but in my mid-20’s I took to the pavement in Boston to “get in shape.” The first time I “ran” I couldn’t run four city blocks without stopping. Around the same time my friend, Katie J. dragged me to a Vinyasa flow yoga class. I spent those 90 minutes looking around figuring out what body part to put where.

Despite all that, I kept up with both. I noticed the similarities between the two in the mind-body connection. Work brought me to Providence, RI where I started running more and began my fitness teaching career as a mat Pilates instructor at my local YMCA (Thank you Gail Bolden for being so inspiring and an incredible teacher).

The bitter cold, icy sidewalks, and grey days of RI drove me to Austin, TX. Here two major things happened. #1) I enjoyed a summer being a Nike Ambassador for the Human 10k Race 2008. It was a sweet gig and the first I got paid to run! More importantly, this is where I learned the inspiring and motivational powers of being part of a running community. Seeing people improve, move up through pace groups, and reach their goals made my heart sing! That stuff is powerful.#2) I delved deeper into my yoga practiced and obtained my 200 hour teaching certification from the Buddhist based Vinyasa yoga studio, Dharma Yoga.

Then something clicked. When I coupled regular yoga sessions with my running, I saw noticeable improvements in my speed, turnover, flexibility, and energy and a decrease in recovery time. Not only did yoga improve my running, but running became its own moving meditation.

I now live in Los Angeles, CA with my husband, Andy and black cat, Trixie where I love being an active member in my community whether teaching, participating, or playing.

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