There are 3 things you should know about the people you choose to work with – who they are, why they’re here, and what fuels them.

Who I Am (Short Version):

I have spent the past 10 years immersed in running, yoga, and fitness. Before I was a private trainer and coach, I worked as a chiropractic assistant and physio therapy aid. Before that I was the Director of A Runner’s Circle Running School, and ambassador for lululemon athletica, Manduka Yoga Products, and NewBalance’s Yoga line, Anju, I co-managed the #1 running store in Southern California and lead their weekly fun runs. Before that, I lead 5K trainings. Before that, I was Voted BestYoga Teacher in Los Angeles 2012. Before that I taught yoga for athletes and lead Yoga4 Runners classes, workshops, 6-week series all over the Los Angeles area. Before that, I coached participants in a nutrition program for and assisted a bootcamp. Before that I was an ambassador and pacer for Nike’s Human 10K Race in Austin, TX. Before that, I ran, practiced yoga, and took mat Pilates in Providence, RI. Before that, I got dragged to a yoga class and couldn’t run more than 4 blocks without stopping in Boston, MA. That was 10 years ago.

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Why I’m Here

This is where you’ll either think I’m crazy, or you’ll say to yourself: oh yes, I like this one. I’m here to get that incredible athlete out of your body and into the world. Simply. Clearly. Powerfully. And with fun and enthusiasm instead of drudgery. I’m here to help you live a life you love in a body you love, simply by surprising you with how human and dangerously clear you are on what you want for yourself. I’m here to show you how to go further longer, break down barriers, find your inner (and outer) strength, love the burn and sweat while transforming your body and mind. I am here to help you find your inner athlete through running, yoga, and fitness. (I’m also here to fight off the dreadmill boredom).

What Fuels Me:

I am a sucker for good people doing nice things. I relish stories of the underdog and the everyday person who reach their breaking point but make the decision to change. No. Matter. What. They dig in and dig deep, turn everything around, triumphantly reach their goal, and totally kick butt in ways they never thought possible (cue Rocky theme song). Yes! These transformational stories always pluck my heartstrings and bring a tear to my eye. These are the stories that are the life juice that quench my thirst and fuel me. This is why I want to help you channel your inner athlete. Let your dreams be your muse. Live your life like an adventure everyday. Work out like you don’t need to. And let me know if there’s anyway I can help you out with the training that makes it all happen.

I’ll see you on the road, trail, or yoga mat.

– Erika